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Tips & Safety




Now that you've purchased one of our branded candles, what's next!

Because Shantier Candles are great for the environment and safer for your homes, let's keep in mind that they do require a particular level of care.

Here's a "How-To-Guide" for safely enjoying our candles

First and foremost make sure that your candle is always on a dry and flat surface, free of any type of flammable objects and drafts.


To avoid tunneling always burn your candle until the access wax pool reaches the edges of it's jar. Never burn your candle more than 3 hours at a time.


To promote the life span of your candle, make sure you always trim the wick down before each use.


Candles are very sensitive to temperatures and light. Please avoid extremely warm temperatures where your candle will be stored. You should always store your candle in a vertical position.

Must Do!!

Keep your candle out of reach of  children and pets at all time. Never leave any candle unattended and when you are leaving the room always make sure to firstly, put the candle out.