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Shantier Candles & Impressions Journey



Hello and Welcome to SCI ~ Shantier Candles & Impressions!

This journey began in late 2019 as a innovative way to bring more appreciation to self-love, self-care and to also explore more beneficial ways to create candles.
It took me a while to really make this new passion of mine a reality because I wanted to make sure that my research was succesfully completed. Not only did I gear to making Eco-Friendly candles, but I wanted to make sure they were uniquely made and beautiful at the same time. 
Each candle has a foundation of soy wax flakes which is 100% pure and contain no additives and combined with cotton wicks. Using these natural ingredients allows you to enjoy burning your candle in your home so much more. Each scent that is implented is 100% phthalate-free and gives off different vibes and meaning.
I then enhanced the candles with organic dried toppings which set the entire mood. I thrive off of positive energy, uplifting others, self-care and self-love. Manifesting is allowing something to enter into your life and being specific about those things is the key. The Ask, Believe, Recieve Collection emodies love, empowerment, aura, cleansing, Inspiration, self-care/self-love and of course it encourages you to follow your dreams. 
Curating candle + impressions has inspired me to help cultivate the positive energy needed to continue thriving in life.