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Me Time - Your Time



         Which Type of Self-Care Do You Gravitate To The most?

          1) Spiritual Self-Care

           Are you connected with your true authentic you? You may notice that there are many individuals that underestimate the importance of spiritual self-care. No matter the spiritual beliefs you carry, make it a priority to nurture the inner you. You can meditate, enjoy nature, speak daily affirmations into your life. Introducing these simple steps into your daily spiritual life will help ground your sense of self and purpose. 

          2) Emotional Self-Care

           This self-care type is about being totally honest with yourself and your feelings. Make sure you surround yourself with like minded individuals and individuals that truly understand you. I love listening to music and the lyrics are everything to me. DIY projects allow me to express the creative side within myself and these are just a few emotional self-care tips that I incorporate into my life. 

          3) Social Self-Care

            Whom you decide to have in your corner tells a lot about yourself and can have a huge impact on your life. Any individual that brings negativity to your life please put a stop to it now. You are in charge of setting your own boundaries. 

Over the years I had to learn how to say "NO" I also learned that the minute you say "NO" you get to see a different side to individuals you have never seen before.

Set boundaries and spend time with family and friends.

Having a ladies night out or even a date night allows me to practice social self-care. 

          4) Mental Self-Care

            Your should try to incorporate a few mental self-care activities throughout your daily life and you will see in return that it will help declutter your mind and reduce the stress in your life. Taking care of your mental health may seem difficult at times, but time management can change all of that. 

Time management plays a huge role in my mental self-care. My daily routine is so much smoother when I write down my schedule. Depending on the day I may include a type of aromatherapy, reading an article or even a simple arts and craft project.

          5) Physical Self-Care

            Now enhancing my physical well being has some what been a struggle to me since I have become a mother. Eating healthier and exercising at least 30 minutes daily is a great way to start. Most importantly listening to your body and taking time out to rest when it is truly needed is another way to promote physical self-care. 

Walking, exercising, swimming are just a few more ways to manage your physical self-care.