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5 Signature Scents To Illuminate Your Room

5 Signature Scents To Illuminate Your Room

Spring Is In The Air !!

SCImpressions is not only about reminding you to put yourself first, but to also remind yourself to set the mood with amazing fresh scents. 

Spring is about redefining yourself, creating a fresh start, gaining wisdom and inviting great energy into your space. 

Embrace our fresh new Spring Signature Scents that will have you more refreshed and invite the most amazing aroma there is. 

SCImpressions wooden wick traveling tin candles are warm and deliciously amazing and they are also perfect for any season. These are also great for traveling and are perfect for gifting.


Radiant Vibes Wood Wick Candle

Pepper Mint + Lemon + Ylang Ylang

Weekend Bliss Wood Wick Candle

Pomegranate + Patchouli


Spa Day Wood Wick Candle

Jasmine + Coconut + Pineapple


Me Time
Lavender + Jasmine + Orange + Apple + Apple


Sunday Brunch
Apple + Sweet Tobacco